4 Tips that will help freelancers maximize efficiency

A freelancer is a key figure in his own company. Being at the center of a complex workflow, he must work like a Swiss watch to achieve success. Working as a freelancer means being quite flexible in planning your schedule; it also means that you must be focused and organized in handling your tasks. But routine processes like bookkeeping, paperwork, going through emails or making phone calls can confuse or even overwhelm you.

Organize your workspace

A private space with lots of natural lighting will help you concentrate and enter the productive flow. No matter where you are working from, your desk should be spacious and your chair comfortable. If you prefer to work from home, we suggest setting aside a dedicated space that will only be used during business hours so you won’t be disturbed.

Create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere by filling your space with objects, textures and sounds that increase your concentration and allow you to enjoy the process. Furnish the room with comfortable furniture; an ergonomic chair, a sturdy desk, and good lighting really make all the difference.

You can also work in a co-working space if you prefer a lively and dynamic environment that encourages collaboration.

Take care of your schedule and set clear objectives

Setting daily goals will really help you track progress towards your long-term goals by giving you a sense of control and drawing attention to areas that need improvement. Create a schedule with tasks, priorities, and precise deadlines (and most importantly, stick to it) that will help you achieve your weekly or monthly goals.

Don’t forget to leave a space for handling emergencies; this always helps prevent burnout and leaves room to breathe. Time management will also be needed for additional administration, reporting and marketing work.

Use tools to manage business processes

There are many tools available these days to help streamline your work. They save you time, make your daily life easier and, moreover, make your workflow more efficient. Here are just a few of them:

Google Calendar for planning your tasks and scheduling meetings;

Notion or Asana for detailed task scheduling and collaboration;

Trello for project management and progress tracking;

ZOOM for video conferencing;

Milanote for creating marketing content calendars;

Swaggypremium.com for financial management.

Listen to your biological clock

Some people are early risers, waking up at first light and using the early hours for important business tasks. Others prefer to be active during the day or closer to the evening, starting their day with less important tasks that don’t require much effort.Try experimenting with different times of the day to find out when your mind and body are at their best. Set your own productivity schedule to improve focus and efficiency.

Key takeaway

Being more productive means using your time smartly and, as a consequence, making more money, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The key to success is simple: concentration and time management. Try using the four tips above and have the most productive work week ever!